Friday, March 29, 2013

Hack an Andover TAC Temperature Sensor?

The HVAC people came by a year ago (or more), and installed a temperature control for the Air Conditioning unit in my office. It's *horrible*. We can't turn it off. It only allows us to vary the office temperature between 75 degrees and 83 degrees using a slider on the front of the sensor. It's now always too damn hot in the office, and I can't work. HVAC people say they can't take it out, and that everybody has to have one in their office.
I want to hack mine. I took it off its mounting (tiny Allen screws), found the model number, and photographed what I could. Now I want to know how I can either

1) install a different sensor with an on/off button (which I'll have to buy myself, but who cares)
2) hack this so I can turn the sensor off and on when I want.

Any suggestions?

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sandwich bombed

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Anti-Gaelic Discrimination

While hurrying for an American departure in Dublin Airport last week I heard the latecomers being paged on the terminal intercom. Reaching the gate several seconds later I humorously chided the gate agent for forgetting to call my name. "No," she said, "I saw your name, but it was in Irish, so I left it out."

I made my flight, and no damage done, but I returned to America amazed that casual acts of discrimination like this can still occur in Ireland without apology or consequence. Would the gate agent still have a job if she applied this policy to names in German?

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