Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tráta Ó Ghofraidh - She Floats!

Who'd have known that it took so much work to put lettering on a boat!

Emil Schuster ("The Brains"), Mike Foley ("The Brawn") and Me ("Skills yet to be determined")

Yes, that's the Empire State Building.

Yes, I do seem to know what I'm doing. But it's all show.

Jeff Levy gave me a little sailboat, which I did up this summer (a bit, anyway). "Tomato", now renamed "Tráta Ó Ghofraidh" (which means "A Tomato from Jeffrey") was officially launched in August, but has only been out once yet.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Dazzling Journalists of RTÉ

From the RTÉ website:

It is estimated that 25% of milk on sale in this country comes across the boarder from Northern Ireland. It is mostly sold as 'own label' product by the super-markets.

Groan. And these people are professional journalists.

Monday 21st September:
Last May, an American tourist in his 70s died from severe head injuries after loosing his footing and falling 30ft.