Friday, August 29, 2014

Kayaking from Kearny to Downtown Newark

Started out at the boat launch in Riverbank Park, Kearny. Paddled to the Amtrak Bridge in downtown Newark and back.
Frank A Vincent Boat Launch (1970!)

Local Wildlife displeased with the new arrival

Industry on the Belleville side

Industry on the Belleville Side

Abandoned Railway Bridge, Passaic River, Newark


Swing Bridge, Newark

Drawbridge, Newark

Heading back North Again, Passaic River, Newark

I sure was

Nearly back!

Massive Counterweight on drawbridge

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kayaking on the Passaic (Lyndhurst - North Arlington - Kearny)

Took the kayak out on the Passaic today (inspired by my cousin Arthur and his fiancée Niamh).

Nice paddle downstream, but had to struggle a bit coming back up, as the tide was going out (I actually struck a rock where the second river enters the Passaic!).

Pylons crossing the Passaic

Route 9 Drawbridge Belleville-Kearny

Matthew Arnold would love this Steeple

Cheesy Grin on the Passaic

Returning to the Pier at Riverside Park


At the Rt 9 Drawbridge

Newark in Sight

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