Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tuismitheoirí - Pléghrúpa ar Líne do thuismitheoirí le Gaeilge

Grúpa is ea seo d'éinne atá ag tógáil páistí trí Ghaeilge. Is é is aidhmeanna don ghrúpa ná tabhairt faoi na fadhbanna a bhíonn romhainn, fóram sóisialta a chruthú dúinn féin ar líne, agus cruinnithe sóisialta a eagrú inár féidir linn féin agus lenár bpáistí teacht le chéile i dtimpeallacht Ghaelach.

A group for Irish-speaking parents.

Gruppe für irischsprachige Eltern.

Un groupe pour les parents irlandophones.



Send a *blank* email from your preferred email account to / Seol r-phost *folamh* ón gcuntas r-phost is ansa leat go dtí

You will receive an automatic response (it may go into your junk mail). Reply to that email, and you will be registered. / Gheobhaidh tú uath-fhreagra (féach do chomhad drámhphoist!). Freagair sin agus beidh tú cláraithe.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Missing Line of Text in OOo

Why no Support for Irish in Google Maps Ireland?

It's really annoying not being able to search for Irish streetnames in Ireland, while it's perfectly possible in Wales. What's the difference, now that the old excuse "Computers don't understand Irish" won't work?


Monday, June 06, 2011

Terence Malick "The Tree of Life" a quick review

Do not see this movie. *not*

This is a pretentious load of hooey. It can't decide whether it's a drama about a vaguely dysfunctional family in Waco, TX during the fifties, or a Sagan-esque journey through the cosmos, and it certainly never connects the two, meaning you actually get two movies for the price of one. This would be fine, except it feels like it's all in real time. Yes - the history of the universe. I was ready to gnaw my arm off by the end.

I have to say the visual direction is stunning. Some scenes are achingly beautiful. But there's no plot, and virtually no action. You just sit there, watching Seán Penn go up and down an elevator, or planets forming, or Brad Pitt glaring angrily at his family, or teenage boys running around a neighborhood.

The philosophy is banal pseudo-Christian hokum. A mysterious voice whispers platitudes and plaintive vaguely-Old Testamenty questions over shots of galaxies. The family is bereaved off-screen, and who dies is anybody's guess, but it's all OK because a big crowd, which includes the family, is finally reunited with everybody they love in what looks like a cross between a zombie-convention on a beach and one of those hilarious pictures of heaven from the Watchtower.

Then there a shot of a bridge, and the movie ends.

I want my $12 back.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hanging Indent in Open Office

It's a bit clumsy in comparison to MS Word, but easy enough. In MS Word you just pull the lower indent pointer to the right. In OOo the lower indent pointer won't move to the right of the upper one, so drag *both* indent pointers to the right and then pull the upper one back to where it was.