Friday, March 14, 2014

Can't view Two Excel Documents Side by Side

I tried to open two Microsoft Excel documents side by side, but they kept opening on top of one another. That is, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't view them together on the same screen. No, they are not separate worksheets in the same Excel document, they are two completely independent documents.

The trick is to open one in the usual way (find its icon and click on it). To open the second one, however, you must open an empty iteration of Excel (that is, just start up Excel from the sidebar that pops up when you click "Start" (assuming you have put an Excel shortcut there). Obviously, you could also open Excel from "Programs".

Anyway, once you have the empty iteration of Excel running, open the second document from there (File -> Recent Workbooks). You'll be able to move and resize the two windows as much as you like, thus making parallel viewing possible.

Stupid problem, Microsoft. I'm not the first to have it, and you still haven't fixed it.

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