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Some basic genealogy info on O'Byrnes, Keoghs, Foleys, Clarkes

I'm just putting this up in case there are long lost cousins out there. I will not help you research your family, and I will not provide any further information about these people unless there's a very good reason for it. Most or all of this information is already easily found in archives or newspapers, and there shouldn't be anything private here.

James (Jim) Byrne
Born Rotunda, Dublin. November 9 1901. Died April 4,1959 at age 58 in Byrne household, Fr. Griffin Rd., Galway.
In 1911 he is recorded as 9 years of age, born in Dublin. RC, able to read and write, a scholar. Address: Dwelling No. 3 (of ten) on land owned by Wm. Osborne. A three-roomed house. Talbotstown Lower, Blessington. He grew up and was a shop assistant in Blessington. two years in the I.R.A. Joined the Civic Guards in 1922 until mid thirties ('33-'34).
Joined the Gardaí: 8 November, 1922

Byrne, John
James' brother. Born c.1908 in Wicklow, prob. Blessington.

Byrne, Kate
See Doyle, Kate

Byrne, Margaret. See Keogh, Margaret.

Byrne, Marget (sic) or Rita
James' sister (recorded in 1911 census). Five years of age in 1911, born Co. Wicklow. Probably Blessington.
Byrne, Michael (c1841-QQQ)
Thomas Byrne's father. A workman, alive in 1901, probably also of Oak Park, Carlow. The only possibility in the whole Carlow area is Michael Byrne recorded by 1901 Census as living in Rathnapish (where there were many Byrnes). He was 60 , RC, R&W, a labourer, b. Co. Carlow and lived with his wife Ellen Byrne, 50, a domestic servant, and his children William, 20, a labourer, Mary Anne, 23 ("neither [reads nor writes]"), a domestic servant, Kate, 21, a dressmaker, and Lizzie, 15, "scholar." The house had one outbuilding (a piggery), stone walls, a thatched roof, 3 rooms, 2 windows facing the front.

Byrne, Thomas. (1872-1873)
James' father. Born c. 1872-3, Carlow (if 1901 "29" and 1911 censuses are to be believed). Married Catherine (Kate) Doyle February 2nd 1901. March 31st 1901 living at 38 Tullow St., Carlow, a 6-roomed slate-roofed dwelling with piggery and shed. A bachelor workman before marriage in 1901. Address: "Oak Park, Carlow". Father Michael Byrne, alive in 1901, a workman (see Michael Byrne). Note: the marriage registered 20th June, 1901 by XX Donald, Registrar. The PP was one John Cullen. James was born 9 Nov 01 in the Rotunda, at which time Thomas gave his address as 13 Hardwicke Street. By 1906 he was likely in Blessington, as Marget (Rita) is recorded as being born in Co. Wicklow. 1911 he was living in Blessington in Labourer's cottage no. 3 on Wm Osborme's land, Talbotstown Lower. He was Head of the Family, RC, not very good at reading and writing? Aged 38 in 1911, born Carlow.

Clarke, Bridget (nee Downey). (1885-)
Helen's grandmother.

Clarke, James (b.1872)
Lena's father (Helen's Grandfather). Of Jamestown, Co. Meath. Siblings Larry, Kate, and XXX. Married twice. His first marriage was to a woman with the surname Million. With this first wife he had two daughters, Jane and XXX, who married someone called Murtagh. With his second wife Bridget Downey he had Lena and others (?).

Clarke, Lena (1906/7 - 1982?)
Helen's mother. Speaks of her father's people. The Clarkes of Clarkes Cross. Small farm there she claims was v. big at the cross, but taken from them in penal times. You now have to cross somebody else's land to get to their house (or had to). They had a right of way. Apparently a RC in penal times couldn't own land fronting on a road. It was the one family of Clarkes. Clarkes cross is near Boyerstown, near Navan. Go on through B'town and straight on along the bog road. Lena's grandfather was James Clarke. Grandfather had a wife, possibly Comiskey, or previously married to Comiskey, by whom she had 2 daughters. Both went to USA. Grandfather Clarke united his land with that of the Comiskeys.

Cockell, Olwen
b. 1972 Galway. Daughter of Enda O'Byrne and Helen Foley.
Curran, Julia (??)
Born in Tysaxon. A countrywoman; farm wife.

Downey, Ellen
Helen's maternal great grandmother. Born Carry. From Rathkenny parish, Meath, near Slane.

Doyle, Catherine (Kate)
Mother of James Byrne. According to Marriage Register (1901), of full age, a spinster, a House Maid, address Dublin St. Carlow. Father James Doyle "alive", likely of same address. On March 31st, 1901 living with Thomas Byrne at 38 Tullow St., Carlow, with no occupation. Born Carlow c.1871-2 (1901 census says she was 31, 1911 census says she was 40). One of her children died young.

Doyle James (1821? - )
Father of Catherine Doyle, who married James Byrne. "Workman" Alive in 1901. Possibly the James Doyle (80), married labourer from Co. Carlow staying at Patrick and Anne Goodlow's boarding house at No. 40 Barrack St., Carlow on the 31st March, 1901. No other James Doyle's in the vicinity of Carlow fit the description.

There was a family reunion in Sligo in March of 2003.
Foley, Aidan
b. Dublin or Meath late 1930s. d. 2013. Helen's Brother.

Foley, Ann (Jackson)
b. Dublin or Meath c.1940. Helen's only sister. Married Timothy Jackson.

Foley, Helen. (O'Byrne)
Born 28th Dec. 35. No second name.

Foley, Helen (nee Clarke, better known as Lena) (1897 - )
Born of James and Bridget Clarke, who were both born in Co. Meath.
Helen's mother.

Foley, Jim
b. Dublin or Meath 1930s. Helen's brother.

Foley, John
b. Dublin or Meath 1930s. Married Bernie. Died c. 1980 of Lung Cancer.

Foley, Mick
b. Dublin or Meath c.1940.

Foley, Oliver.
b. Dublin or Meath 1930s.

Thomas Foley (1859- )
Helen's Grandfather, Tom's father. b. c.1859, a farmer. In 1901 aged 42 in PD Sligo Sth, PLU Sligo, DED Ballintogher East, Parish Killery, Barony Tirerill, dwelling number 28, with Bridget, his wife, 35, John, his son, Martin, his son, Thos., his son, and Mary, his daughter (later came Bea, Anne and Elizabeth). Lizzie married McVeigh says Helen, Anne married twice (Helen doesn't know their names).

Foley, Thomas (Tom) (1899-)
Helen's father. From Killery or Crossboy (townlands) Co. Sligo. Married Lena Clarke. Went to teach in Navan, Co. Meath, and Naul, N. Co. Dublin. When Helen was a teenager, they moved to Mobhi Rd, Dublin.

Hynes, Éamon.
Keogh. Patrick Jr.'s son.

Hynes, Frank.
Keogh. Patrick Jr.'s son. Dept of Social Welfare.

Hynes, Jack.
Keogh. Patrick Jr.'s son. Dept of Industry and Commerce.

Hynes, Maeve

Foley, Tom
b. mid 1930s d. c.2005. Helen's brother. Lives in Cork.
Hynes, John (b. 1887)             
Younger brother of Patrick Hynes and son of Patrick Hynes. It must have been very soon after John's birth that Julia remarried (to Patrick Keogh).

Hynes, Patrick.  (1881 - )
To whom Julia Hynes was first married. By him Julia had Patrick and John. Both were in the post office. One died of a cerebral haemorrhage. Patrick junior was serving in the GPO in Galway in 1922.

Keogh, Brendan
Son of Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally. Much of the material Tomás Keogh collected for Scéim na Scol was written down by Brendan.

Keogh, Carmel
Daughter of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall.

Keogh, Colette
Daughter of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Schoolteacher. husband John Carroll, a school principal.

Keogh, Cyril
Son of Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally. Joined the civil service c.1946 and lives in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Keogh, Edward (“Ed’n”) (1888 or 1889- )
Son of Patrick Keogh and Julia of Tiaquin. Married Mary Wall in 1934 and with her had Éamon (1939), Siobhán (1935), Pat (Páraic) (1936), Robbie (1938), Tomás (1940), Marguerite (1943), Carmel (1944), Colette (1948), Noel (1947-1980). Inherited the Tiaquin house.

Keogh, Éamonn,
Son of  Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally. Lives in Dublin. Married a girl of Galway extraction.

Keogh, Éamonn,
Son of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Inherited Tiaquin. Had children Brendan and XXX.

Keogh, Eithne
Daughter of Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally. Qualified as teacher and lived her life between Canal Road and Dublin, where she taught. Eithne, Maeve, and Nuala are all mentioned in an article by Seán Stafford in the Journal of the Galway Hist and Arch Society.

Keogh, Julia (b.1854 or 1852)
Was first married to a Hynes, by whom she had Patrick Hynes (telegraphist in GPO) in 1881. Hynes her husband died and she married Patrick Keogh in 1887.

Keogh, Johnny
Son of William Keogh. I recently received a copy of his history (published in the Journal of the East Galway Historical Soc.) from Siobhán and Don Murphy.

Keogh, Maeve
Daughter of Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally.

Keogh, Margaret (Maighréad Bn. Uí Bhroin) (b. 1894)
Dates? Daughter of Patrick Keogh and Julia Curran of Tiaquin, Co. Galway. Teacher at the model school, Scoil Fhursa, in Galway, after marrying James Byrne of Blessington, Co. Wicklow. With James, had Aidan, Fursey, and Enda. She was supposedly 84 at death in 1975. She was significantly older than James. Known to the Canal Road Keoghs as “Aunt Baby”.

Keogh, Marguerite
Daughter of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Married Enda McGowan and moved to Galway with him in the 80s.

Keogh, Mary (b. 1898)
Daughter of Patrick Keogh and XXX of Tiaquin. Died as a young child of mushroom poisoning in the field outside the house at Tiaquin.

Keogh, Michael (1833- )
I am guessing that this man was Patrick Keogh's brother. In the 1901 census he was married to Bridget (65) and had kids Michael (25), Bridget (25), Patrick (28), Mary (30).

Keogh, Noel
Son of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Married Bernadette (Bernie) XXX and died in 1980.

Keogh, Nuala
Daughter of Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally. Went to UCG, captained lady’s hockey,

Keogh, Pat
Son of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Became a Commandant General of the Irish Army and did extensive work with the United Nations.

Keogh, Patricia
Occasionally referred to as Patricia Lally. Firstborn child of Tomás Keogh and Teresa Lally. Married XXX Tarpey, an engineer.

Keogh, Patrick (1841 or 1842 - )
Returned from America (Philadelphia, or Pennsylvania, perhaps?) and married XXX from Tiaquin, newly widowed after marriage to XXX Hynes. Became household head in Tiaquin and with XXX had William, Tomás, Margaret, Edward and Mary.

Keogh, Siobhán,
Daughter of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Qualified as a teacher. Married Don Murphy.

Keogh, Thomas (sometimes Tomás MacEochaidh) (1896 or 1897 - )
Son of Patrick Keogh and XXX of Tiaquin. Married Teresa Lally, with whom he had Patricia (Patty), Eithne, Nuala, Éamon, Brendan, Maeve, Cyril. After Teresa’s death, he married Áine Connaughton of Galway, I found a large quantity of copybooks submitted by him on behalf of his students for the "Scéim na Scol" of the Coimisiún Béaloidis in 1937. Some of the material is in Brendan Keogh's (his son's) hand, who was at school there. Tomás did a little folklore collecting in East Galway and published an old song from an old woman. There is a copy of the article lying around in Canal Road, and a reference to it in the catalogue of the Coimisiún Béaloidis.

Keogh, William (1890 or 1891 - )
Son of Patrick Keogh and X Wall of Tiaquin, Co. Galway. the Congested Districts Board from about 1908. Rapidly rose through the ranks until he became a supervisor in Oughterard and married Mary (Mayno) Power, whose family owned a small thatched pub in Oughterard town. Marr. c. 1918. Children Julia, Paddy, Johnny, Ned, Tom, Fr. Hon, Liam, Fr. Joe.

McAlpine, Darina
b. 1963. Daughter of Enda O'Byrne and Helen Foley. Ed. Taylors Hill, Convent, Galway; Salerno Secondary School, Galway; Kylemore Abbey boarding school, Conamara, Galway. Married Seán McAlpine from Glasgow.

McSharry, Mac an tSearraigh, Mac a'tSearraigh
Alternative name for Foley. One side of the Foley had taken (or retained) the name McSharry (Mac an tSearraigh) and the other Foley. Interestingly, in the parish of Killery we find Patrick McSharry (48), his wife Mary (46), their children Michael (17), Patrick (15), Maria (13), John (10), Thomas (8), and James (6). Also James McSharry (48), single and Bridget McSharry (19), servant in the home of William and Bridget Lee (44, 43), both N. Schoolteachers. Patrick and James were likely twins.


Murphy, Siobhán "Siúán"
Daughter of Edward Keogh and Mary Wall. Married Don Murphy.

Ó Broin, Brian
 (1967- ) Mac Éanna Uí Bhroin agus Helen Foley. Oideachas Scoil Fhursa, Gaillimh; Coláiste Iognáid, Gaillimh agus Coláiste na Carraige Duibhe, Áth Cliath. UCG (i.e. NUIG) 1989; UCC 1992; Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet, Freiburg 1994; Humboldt Universitaet 1994; University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana 2002; University of Wisconsin, Madison 2003; Marquette University 2003; ag múineadh teangeolaíochta agus léann na meánaoise i William Paterson University, New Jersey.

O'Byrne, Aidan
Born 1931. d. 1973. Eldest brother of Enda.

O'Byrne, Fursey
b. 1938 d. 1966.

O'Byrne, Patrick Enda.
Born Nov 2, 1934, Seamount Nursing Home, Salthill, Galway.

Julia Wall
From East Galway. Married QQQ Hynes, who owned Tiaquin house. Hynes died, and she remarried Patrick Keogh, who was returned from America.

Whyte, Emer
(1966- ) Daughter of Enda O'Byrne and Helen Foley. Married Kieran Whyte c. 1990.

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