Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sound and Video out of Sync with Adobe Flash

Had an old laptop (eMachines M5305) hooked up to the TV for internet viewing. It worked fine until last week, when audio suddenly began to precede video in the Flash plugin by 1-2 seconds. More seriously, the machine also began to overheat and randomly shut down.

After trying a system restore and failing to repair the video I realized that the problem lay with Flash, which had updated to the 11.7 version from 10.3. Even after a system restore, it refused to roll itself back.

This meant I had to completely uninstall Flash from the machine, by following the steps on this web page:

Then I had to go to Flash's website to get the 10.3 version. This is stored here: Scroll down to "Flash Player Archives" and choose the Windows version released on 6/11/2013.

After you have unzipped the download, you'll have several executables to choose from. Be sure to read the readme.txt, which tells you which one you need. Since I use Firefox, I ran the version for Netscape (which is the generic name for Mozilla Firefox, I believe). There are also standalone and IE versions.

After I had installed this I discovered that my sound and video were synchronized again. Problem solved.

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