Monday, February 13, 2012

Irish Place Names on Signs / Logainmneacha ar Chomharthaí Sráide

While Robin Heather (Irish Times, letters, Monday 6th February) is right that the spelling of placenames such as Kilmacanoge, Kiltiernan, and Glencormick has changed on recent roadsigns, he may not realize that these are actually the standard Anglicised versions of those placenames. The previous versions on the old roadsigns are incorrect (as far as meaningless placenames can be incorrect).
Most Irish placenames (including these ones) are now searchable on the very-reliable government-funded placenames website, which is provided through DCU's "Fiontar" project.
I might add that these placenames, originally little more than phonetic renderings for colonists, make little sense. Cill Mocheannóg (Mocheannóg's church), Cill Tiarnán (Tiarnán's church) and Gleann Chormaic (Cormac's Glen) are the true sensible versions.

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