Monday, May 02, 2016

Stolen Ross and Raleigh Bikes in Bloomfield NJ

Two Bikes Stolen Thur 21st April 2016 from Broughton Avenue, Bloomfield NJ.


Ross “Mt Pocono”
Distinctive green decals and handlebars; distinctive “ding-dong” bell on stem of handlebars. Rear carrier.
Padded “Schwinn” saddle with slight tear on one side.
Serial Number: TA92DO5734
Distinctive sticker on base of frame reading “Carl Hart Bicycles”


Red Women's Hybrid Raleigh C40 - Distinctive black gel-padded seat and folding metal side-basket on rear carrier.
Serial Number: o906560264
Sticker from Williamson Street Bike Shop, Madison Wisconsin.

Any info: pass it on to brianeanna  "AT"  hotmail "DOT" com

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