Monday, August 23, 2010

Wifi Security, whether you want it or not!

I don't much believe in wifi security. I don't use the wifi intensely enough to worry about my neighbours checking their email off my wifi.

The last several days, however, shows me how terrified the authorities are of people like me. Now, whether I want it or not, I *must* use the wifi security systems or not get online.

It works like this. If you own certain computers (pretty much anything made after 2007) and run Windows, these computers will refuse to connect to "unsecured" wireless routers. Instead they will automatically run a wifi security wizard, insisting on the modem's security code and generating one of their own.

The only solution is to enable wifi security and exchange the codes. Of course, by enabling wifi security, every wifi machine in your house must now go through the same rigmarole. If you're unfortunate enough to run Linux, you're now offline.

A boon for the security state, big brother, big business, and (of course) Microsoft.



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